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Aphrodite Giant Cat Breed

Aphrodite Giant Cat Breed

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Aphrodite Giant Cat Breed
Aphrodite Giant Cat Breed

History of Aphrodite Giant Cats Breed

The Aphrodite Giant may be a cat from Cyprus, where they're one among two present breeds. It's often speculated that the breed was originally discovered living high within the mountains, which accounts for his or her muscular physique and long legs that helped them master the terrain and stalk larger prey.

The cat's extra thick coat also helped them survive in cold mountain climates. The Aphrodite Giant is one of the world's oldest cat breeds, having been around for nearly 10,000 years.

In 2012, the planet Cat Federation officially began to acknowledge the Aphrodite Giant.

These days, you'll find Aphrodite Giants in shelters or within the care of rescue groups. Consider adoption if you opt this is often the breed for you!

Size of Aphrodite Giant Cats Breed

The Aphrodite Giant may be a large cat. As is usually the case, exact size standards might vary.

Most male Aphrodite Giants weigh in at 15 to 24 pounds and most female Aphrodite Giants are between ten and 14 pounds.

Personality of Aphrodite Giant Cats Breed

There's no doubt about it: The Aphrodite Giant may be a total gentle giant of a cat. These kitties are exceptionally affectionate and really quickly form very strong and lasting loving bonds with all of the humans in their life--and they are doing especially well with children.

The breed does best when living with an outsized and active family with tons of activity happening around them. These cats like to feel as if they're a part of the day's fun and games.

As an outsized cat with mountain-dwelling history, the breed would require a minimum of one cat tree to climb up and claim for his or her own, and therefore the bigger their lebensraum, the higher it's for his or her welfare.

But while the Aphrodite Giant is certainly an athletic-looking feline, you will find that the breed also loves nothing quite to twist abreast of the couch with their favorite humans and nap the afternoon away.

Health of Aphrodite Giant Cats Breed

Aphrodite Giants are generally considered to be healthy cats; although, it is vital to schedule regular wellness visits together with your cat's vet.

Some of the more common health problems Aphrodite Giants suffer from include:

Ear infections

Care of Aphrodite Giant Cats Breed

As with all cats, it is vital to stay up your Aphrodite Giant's regular veterinary checkups to detect any health concerns early. Your vet can assist you develop a care routine that will keep your cat healthy.

The Aphrodite Giant may be a smart cat. alongside providing an outsized enough space for the cat to enjoy living in, you will need to make sure that there are smart toys to stay the breed mentally stimulated. Interactive treat toys are ideal, and thanks to the cat's history living within the mountains and stalking prey, you ought to search for feeding stations that need the cat to work out the way to gain access to their food.

Along with scheduling yearly wellness vet visits, your Aphrodite Giant will need their nails checked on a daily basis. Ask your vet how best to try to do this if you're new feline maintenance. Access to a scratching post or station--whether made from corrugated board or sisal--is also imperative.

Beyond nail care, you'll be wanting to look at the cat's ears for signs of dirt build-up or possible infection, and clean them if needed. Also, confirm to talk to your regular vet a few teeth brushing regimen for your Aphrodite Giant.

Coat Color And Grooming

The Aphrodite Giant's coat can are available a good array of colors, although it's never been spotted in chocolate, lilac, or mink.

The Aphrodite Giant is often either a short-haired or a long-haired cat. Which variety you adopt will determine how often you will need to brush the thick coat. For long-haired cats, this could be administered every other day. Proper brushing also will help keep off the probabilities of hairballs.

As with all breeds, keep an in-depth eye out for any mats which may be beginning to develop while you're grooming the cat. Remember, regular brushing will help keep the cat's coat clean and healthy!

When it involves weather, the Aphrodite Giant is usually seen as an adaptable cat who can normally live happily in most climates, and their thicker-than-usual coat means they are doing better than most felines in cold conditions. Just remember to always confirm adequate shade and water is provided when the temperature spikes.

Children And Other Pets

The Aphrodite Giant fares great when living with children. The cat will form loving bonds with the youngsters in your home. Just make certain that early socialization takes place and limits are properly assailed both sides--and supervise early interactions between kids and cats.

When it involves other household pets, the Aphrodite Giant is typically fine around other livestock. Although, you'll be wanting to supervise early interactions between the new cat and existing pets.

Ultimately, early socialization really pays off with this breed. confirm to reward your Aphrodite Giant permanently behavior once you bring them home to your family.