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Aegean Cat Breed

Aegean Cat Breed

Aegean Cat Breed
Aegean Cat Breed

History  of Aegean Cats Breed

The Aegean cat breed hails from the Greek islands of the Cyclades, which are situated within the Aegean. It's speculated that originating so on the brink of the ocean is why these felines aren't scared of water.

The breed's friendliness towards humans is additionally said to return from their upbringing, being around sailors and fishermen all the time. In Greece, the Aegean may be a super popular cat breed, although it's rarer to return across them in other countries.

If you're considering adding an Aegean to your family, remember that a lot of have ended up in shelters or within the care of rescue groups. Consider adoption if you opt this is often the breed for you!

Size of Aegean Cats Breed

The Aegean may be a medium-sized cat. As is usually the case with cat breeds, exact size standards might vary.

Most male Aegean cats weigh in at nine to 10 pounds and most female Aegeans are between seven and nine pounds.

Aegean Cat Breed
Aegean Cat Breed

Personality of Aegean Cats Breed

The Aegean cat is one among the foremost friendly and sociable cat breeds around. they create great additions to any large family and can constantly look to hunt out human interaction, whether that's to relax together during downtimes or for energetic play sessions.

These athletic cats also are highly intelligent--in many cases Aegeans are taught to perform tricks. While the Aegean has an independent streak, they are doing best during a bustling household where there's always activity happening that the cat can inspect. This breed likes to be a part of the action!

The Aegean also features a love of being outdoors, so if you'll provide a safely-enclosed catio, they'll considerably appreciate it. Just be warned: thanks to Aegeans being a part of a rare group of cats who enjoy the water, they could come to ascertain any pet fish as a chance for a snack session.

Aegean Cat Breed
Aegean Cat Breed

Health of Aegean Cats Breed

Aegeans are generally considered to be healthy cats--and so far there aren't any breed-specific health issues related to the cat.

Although, like any breed, it is vital to schedule regular wellness visits together with your cat's vet.

Care of Aegean Cats Breed

The Aegean cat features a well-deserved reputation as a sensible and athletic feline, so you will need to make sure that the breed is usually kept physically and mentally stimulated.

Ideally, you'll be wanting to get a cat tree for your Aegean to interact with, and if you reside in an environment with furniture that the cat can safely climb up and down, they're going to considerably appreciate the chance to explore.

Leaving smart toys and interactive treat dispensers around the house is also an excellent thanks to keep the Aegean mentally stimulated.

Along with scheduling yearly wellness vet visits, your Aegean will need their nails checked daily. Ask your vet how best to try to do this if you're new feline maintenance. You'll also want to look at the cat's ears for signs of dirt build-up or possible infection and clean them if needed.

Also, confirm to talk to your regular vet a few teeth brushing regimen for your Aegean.

Coat Color And Grooming

The main color of the Aegean's coat is white, and it always has spots and markings in colors including black, gray, and blue. The markings on the cat vary on a private basis.

The Aegeon is comparatively low maintenance when it involves grooming, although their plush coat will get thicker in winter. Shedding is usually moderate, and brushing the breed a few of your time every week should suffice.

As with all breeds, keep an in-depth eye out for any mats which may be beginning to develop while you're grooming the cat. Remember, regular brushing will help keep the cat's coat clean and healthy.

When it involves climate, the Aegean may be generally seen as an adaptable cat who can usually live happily in most climates. Just remember to always confirm adequate shade and water is provided when the temperature spikes.

Aegean Cat Breed
Aegean Cat Breed

Children And Other Pets

The Aegean is wonderful with children. The cat will quickly form loving bonds with the youngsters in your home. Just make certain that early socialization takes place and limits are properly assailed both sides--and supervise early interactions between kids and cats.

When it involves other household pets, the Aegean is additionally usually fine around other domestic animals--although, as mentioned above, this is often not a cat to go away unsupervised around fish or other water-based pets.

Ultimately, early socialization pays off with this breed. confirm to reward your Aegean permanently behavior and cling to a correct training regime once you bring them home to your family.